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January 17, 2012
Posted at 1:06 am

Look in all honesty I should clarify one thing about my use of condom's. I have met returning soldiers (male and female) returning to the states on their way home. After I talk with them and find out they have flown almost none stop from Iraq and Afghanistan and they have not had sex in over a year with a woman, (yes we do talk about sex a lot on the flight) I will invite them to have sex and yes because they have been gone for so long I do take my chances with them and do not use any condoms.
I have asked the right questions letting them know just how open minded I am and by asking the right questions in the correct way find out if they had time to visit a brothel or even enjoy a glory hole while waiting at one of the airports.
Now the ones who do tell me of their visit I really get into it asking for details telling them just how it turns me on (and it really does) but then with them I use a condom.
And I have to say when ever I meet a soldier on a flight I have always and I mean always had sex with him or her. I just have to do my duty as a citizen of the United Sates to let our troops know just how much I appreciate their sacrifice. Nothing would make me happier than to go over seas and visit the troops in the field. I would fuck anyone in uniform that I meet! (Well maybe not the gay men in the military, they would not need or even want me.)