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January 17, 2012
Posted at 12:55 am

I am thrilled that my stories have that effect on you both, not very many woman can do what I do or even have the kind of desire that I do. In today's way of thinking what I do is more than "risky sex."
But remember years back in the 20's 30's 40's 50's (you get the idea) sex was always risky. I also know that I can get hit by a bolt of lightning if I am out side! And I can catch a sexual transmitted disease if I am not careful. The key is, which will happen to me first?
I can also get into an auto accident or have a building fall on me. The thing is I am going to live my life and enjoy it. That is part of my reason for having married lovers who do not cheat on me AND their wives. All of my lover's wives are my friends, and my lovers all know they better treat their wives the way they should be treated. What we do is pure sex and there is no love. (Well we do love the sex)!
Now when I go out (when I am in California and Atlanta,) yes I do have my sexual partners use condoms. While I love the glory holes and sex theaters and fuck like a rabbit. I am not going to risk taking anything back home with me other than my suitcases and purse.
My husband, my lovers and their wives do not need me to bring them back any "souvenirs" I know I write about how I hate condoms (and I really do) and how much I love having sex with strangers in any place that I can, but if I do not know the person (and a stranger is a person you don't know) well then it is condom time.
To be honest though, I have a couple married friends in both places whom I do with out condoms, but then they are not strangers and I know them and their wives as well. I have been asked if I get involved with swingers parties, and I do not. Bill took me to a party once in Atlanta because I wanted to meet a reader of mine at a party but he never showed up. Bill and I had a blast, but that was the only swingers party I had ever attended. Hey what can I say, I do not like the competition! I want all them men with me, at a couple's swinger's party, there are not enough men for me.
Hmmm I thin I'll but this up on my blog as well!