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Chapter 10: 2 More 4 a Grand Reception

January 16, 2012
Posted at 11:19 pm

This chapter covers several issues that needed to be settled. Like what to call Alex's leading lady in New Orleans, and how everyone relates to everyone else. Basically, Alex is laying the 'ground rules' for his people to follow for the rest of Book 3. Only it takes time for Alex to figure out just what those various rules and relationships are.

I'd initially thought the adventures (???) would be more exciting, but now that they're here they seem much more pedestrian. He's doing a lot of necessary things, establishing his 'organization' and getting to know people, as well as sleeping with whoever he has to, but there isn't much "action" or many surprises. Ah, well. Guess you can't surprise everyone all the time. Isn't there a saying about surprising readers all the time?

Did I say no surprises? Well, there may be one or two. Seems to me there was something that Albert Rodriguez was supposed to do, what was that? Oh yeah, he was going to write a story about Alex, wasn't he? So, did he actually write it? And, if so, was it a fluff piece or did he tear into him? And it seems he had some personal information about both Alex and Patty, specifically he knew both their names, so he could easily expose them both to public scrutiny. Will Alex have to flee New Orleans a second time in less than a weeks time? Guess you'll have to read it and see.