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January 16, 2012
Posted at 10:42 pm


One of the readers of "Paddling to my Destiny", wrote that the story was very believable. There may be a reason for that. My comment would be that most of the stories are true. In chapter 1, the swimming scene and the hypothermia event really happened.

In chapter 2, the bear scene happened, just as it was written. The only difference is that there were no beautiful women involved. Instead, one of the people I helped was a 230 lb., 6'2" tall woman. She carried a canoe and backpack while portaging. The man she was traveling with looked like Don Knotts.

The knife and latrine story, and the beautiful overlook in Ireland, in chapter 5, really happened. The Christmas tree story in chapter 8 is mostly true. There really are 1,000 year old pictographs in the wilderness canoe area.

From what I have learned in life, reality is usually more unbelievable than fiction. Who would have believed that 911 could really happen?