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Ah, I was such a bad writer as a teen...

January 16, 2012
Posted at 8:37 pm

Chapter three of The Heart Believes is done, but unless something shows up in my mailbox soon I'm assuming SciFi Nut took the day off. So, you'll get it Tuesday.

After this story finishes, I must admit I have nothing else lined up. At some point I must go in and re-write The Waifs, tightening and expanding, but that may always be in the near future. Other ideas tend to be ones that have already been done, so I'd have to have a good twist to do them. Or at least think I can do them better.

Over in the Storiesonline forum, there's been talk about the sister site Finestories. It gets little love, mostly because everyone posts their non-sex fiction here. I may, depending on what comes next, start putting stuff up there. With that in mind, and reading talk of other sites full of teen writers, I decided to dig out what few of my old stories survived in digital form. In one folder, hidden with old Waifs files, were stories originally written on the family Apple //c. They're in bad shape, only readable by dropping them into TextEdit and containing lots of errors (my spelling wasn't THAT bad!). Also... they're horrible :) One is a big Mary Sue story about a Boy Scout Campout with aliens I actually sent to Boy's Life (got rejected), others have bad songs in them. I did like this bit of verse, taken from a short story about a kingdom that falls because graffiti riles up the population:

There once was a madman, who lived by the sea
And one thing he knew was that sane he'd never be.
So he picked up a sword, and put it to his chest
When a friend said, "if you wish to leave this world
you'er smarter than the rest."

I was such a happy teen...