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A great question

January 15, 2012
Posted at 1:02 am

Hmm I had a friend ask me, no, well yes he did ask me a question but he proceeded it with a statement. And I feel it was a very fair question. I also think that there are others who wonder the same thing.

He said, "By the way, judging from the sheer number of your recent posts, you've been a busy girl. When do you find time to"

Well the answer is, I have never stopped writing, if anyone knows about us women you know that after sex we are "wired" and if you did not know that, well now you do. Men fall asleep and us women can't fall asleep to save our lives. Now if the sex is great and maybe if I did not climax as much or as hard it would be different. And maybe in some women's lives they can fall asleep right away because of that very reason. (that it was not great and they did not climax at all let alone hard or more than one time.)

So after al the boys go home to their wives from the lodge, I have all this energy in me and I sit down and write my stories. The only reason you are now seeing that I am posting them is, I have an editor and he is doing a great turn around time. I did realize that I was posting way to frequent, so last week I decided to only post once a week from now on.