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The Blowing of Horns at Midnight

January 14, 2012
Posted at 11:23 am

One of my more recent stories is titled "His Horn Blew at Midnight" I have no idea where the thought for this story came from. I remember I had recently read a story of heavenly discussions by another erotica author and it brought to mind the dreadful film called, "The Horn Blows at Midnight" circa 1940 or so. It was a standing joke with Jack Benny for many years as it was a total "bomb" at the box office. In any event, my story is entirely different in nature except for the element of going to heaven and coming back to Earth. The pre-heaven sequence is sort of film-noir and written from the first person perspective of a female character. The follow-on section in heaven transitions from a female character into a male character still in the first person. The final section carries on the first person narration in the male character only still with a decidedly female slant. The shift from present day to 833AD was influenced by recently watching an unusual film called "Pope Joan" which has a female cross-dresser becoming a Pope. The times of 833AD are realistically portrayed in the film and I try to bring that flavor to this section. Thus, I could say my story is influenced by the erotic writings of a female erotica writer, a pre World War II film by Jack Benny, and a German film about a female cross-dressing Pope. I hope to tell this story in 3 parts with heavy emphasis on erotica.