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Guest appearance by Ai

January 10, 2012
Posted at 2:51 pm

The current story is turning to be, for me, a fun experiment. It crosses the Mind Knows timeline three times, the second of which happens in the latest chapter (chapter 4). Most likely, the final time will be in chapter 5... at which point the story will almost become a continuation of The Mind Knows. Or, not. Ai will be there, at least, and we'll find out if I was right that the whole bit where Cynthia introduces her new just met, true love Violet to Ai and the gang is just repeating things we already know and thus can be skipped. At least by putting it here, in the future there's a good chance readers will have not read those stories yet so it'll all be new to them... if totally out of place :)

Ideally I'd finish up the story this week, but nothing is getting written today. It's the 10th annual Jodi Day, and I'm just going to remember her for a bit. I'll try and have another chapter up Thursday or so.