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Why Rick Santorum is an idiot

January 9, 2012
Posted at 12:44 pm
Updated: February 17, 2012 - 4:20 pm

Thanks to peregrinf for sending along a link to this column by Maureen Dowd. As a lifelong Pennsylvanian, I find Rick Santorum an embarrassment, and he and others like him are the reason I would never return to the Catholic Church. I applaud the young people in New Hampshire for booing him. But while I hate to admit it, I think he has a point buries under all his bigotry and obsessiveness: the point is simply that there are limits to the kind of relationships government and employers can be expected to legitimize with benefits, tax breaks, visitation rights an so on. I know people in polyamorous relationships, for example (it's a big thing in California), and they wouldn't be allowed on each other's health plans - properly, in my opinion. Where Santorum goes wrong, and what makes him sound so hateful, is that he assumes that homosexual and heterosexual relationships are fundamentally different because homosexual relationships are about sex and only about sex. Intercourse is just a small part of any heterosexual marriage. Most of the time is spent on economy, family, health, companionship, and mutual support - in short, building a life. It never occurs to Santorum that gays could want the same thing. He thinks they're all about eating carpet and butt fucking - which is why he's so afraid of them, and why can compare homosexuality to pedophilia and bestiality without blinking.