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The Twilight Years of Writing.

January 8, 2012
Posted at 9:10 am

One of my recent storylines is the erotic treatment of the children's classic "Heidi" and I titled it "Heidi and her Grandfather." I first read the original Heidi when I was only about 6 or 7. I was a very early reader. I don't believe I had a single erotic thought at that age. Later when I saw several different film versions I developed this fantasy of a very seductive Heidi not like in the screenplays at all. In order to be less perverse, I made my Heidi "almost 17" It seems an age more acceptable for a young girl to have erotic thoughts. I was concerned readers would be turned off by my cavalier treatment of such a revered classic but I assure you no ill will was intended. In fact, I think it is a lovely story that all children should read. That is the classic not my "over 18" tale in the erotic genre. My story is not not intended to be "dirty" but rather highlights the weaknesses of humankind with good intentions and base instincts. I think my Heidi is a healthy 17 year old girl suffering from tragic loss and needy of physical nurturing and affirmation of her attractive persona. She may be only a character but vibrates with life in my mind.