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January 7, 2012
Posted at 11:02 am

A Slightly Different Erotica Story.

A recent story I wrote called "And Behind Door Number Two" tries to show that imagination is far more potent than reality even when reality is right in front of your face. This was presented as a single story because it can always be continued in an unrelated storyline. I should have made "Tinkletown Time for Tess into a continuing story line because readers on other sites were quite demanding of further material. So I have submitted "Tess's Smiley Face Panties Need Washing". This story is actually a sequel and the focus is on Sister Ursula and her hidden motivations. I plan to continue the Sister Ursula storyline because her character is so interesting. I have already submitted 2 chapters of "Heidi and her Grandfather". I always saw the erotic overtones of this children's story and I hope only 18 and over read my rendition of the timeless classic. Heidi may be a little naive but she is certainly not stupid. I assure you the goats are only supporting characters.