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"Technical" part of TPA

January 6, 2012
Posted at 9:54 am

The detailed scores on Chosen Frozen II are quite high, and I'm glad you're enjoying the tale. Thanks!

However, one person judged "technical" as a 5 (they liked the Plot and Appeal, which both got 10). I have to wonder what they think "technical" means. (In comparison, most of my other Technical scores are 9's and 10's, with a handful of 8's.)

To me, "technical" means grammar and spelling - by the way, I use the Canadian dictionary, which is why you get "colour", "fibre" and "millimetre". Having "desert" in the "dinning room" makes me mark your technical score down. Use of incomplete sentences likewise will drop the technical score. Mixing up "there" and "their" is common, but drives me bats - my teachers having drilled awareness of that into my skull at a young age. Missing commas (or commas where they shouldn't be) are capable of changing the sentence completely. Contrast "Get some ice cream to eat boys" with "Get some ice cream to eat, boys." Have you ever heard of carnivorous ice cream? Is it the Neapolitan flavour that eats boys?

This is something I've noted often: people will give most authors a technical score lower than the other two by an average of a point. I have to wonder if there's not something psychological going on there.

I have to wonder what do my fellow readers think "technical" means? Do you agree with me, or do you think it means something different? And if you've got a different idea, what would that be?