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New Year!

January 4, 2012
Posted at 2:33 pm

I am hoping you're all looking at a good one.

I'm still running along with the three story lines, but it won't be long before I tie Cindy and and Tina together into ONE story. Might just go ahead and call it "Community", an idea postulated by one of you readers. I DO pay attention, you know.

There's been more than a few comments about tossing Susan into the Cindy-Tina story. I figure she's like a "hunting tooth" in a gearbox, an extra tooth to make sure that the same teeth don't mesh every time. I have definite plans for Miss Susan with her blonde hair, blue eyes, plump round butt and quick wit.

"Neighbors" is rolling along nicely. I've changed it up from being a direct 'port-over' to step around the 'under 14' rule, and Haley and Bill are different characters than the original "Neighborly" which is still posted on ASSTR.

After I tie Tina and Cindy in to "Community" I will have one story slot left on my plate. I guess I need to start thinking about Kim 'n' Tim, right?