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January 1, 2012
Posted at 7:32 am
Updated: January 1, 2012 - 7:36 am

Vampire Erotica, Nun Fetishs, and Nookie Kings.

After a fun series like "The Queen of the Nile", I started writing 3 concurrent themes on the Erotic sex habits of Vampires, The kinky activities of Sister Ursula, and The adventures of "Sal the Super, The Nookie King of the Bronx. None of these stories have anything in common and are not related in any way. I suspect that the excitement of writing 3 different yet related story lines in the Queen of the Nile was stimulating and the prospect of 3 completely different stories in my mind at the same time was even more so. The Vampire Erotica was instigated by a female friend and reader of my stories who told me of her obsession with everything vampiric in nature. Similar to the devotion of Star Trek or Harry Potter fans in concentration on the single subject. The story is actually a spin off of "The Voodoo Queen" series which I hope to rewrite and make more palatable to readers. The character of Lafitte, the pirate vampire chieftain is somewhat more believable than the Voodoo Queen even though both have a basis in reality. Sister Ursula is a composite of Nuns; all to whom I have the greatest respect and owe much for my education. My erotic writings are not intended to demean them in any way. It is just a "Canterbury Tales" way of portraying them in the short story form. Now Sal the Super is a very real part of reality and He exists in my memory as a real King of a man.