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December 30, 2011
Posted at 12:18 pm

Winding up the story

I'm getting ready to wind up "The Art & Science of Love" next week with the final two chapters to be posted on Monday and Thursday (1/2 & 1/5). I'm gratified and humbled by the great response I've received for this little story.

Pending a check with the moderators of SOL to make sure it is all on the up-and-up, I expect to publish ASL in both Kindle and NookBook in February for 99cents, but it will remain on this site for free. I'm trying to expand the readership, not convert it.

I'll also be starting my new novel, "Blackjack. Blackmail. Blackballed (or Blacklisted?)." in February or March. ASL is really the backstory for this "new" novel that I've worked on over the past 15 years. It's a literary thriller that features periodic chapters of the same type that are in ASL but the sex isn't in every chapter. It is due to the strong response I've received from ASL that I've decided to proceed with BBB. Thank you!

In the mode of wrapping things up, I'd like to mention another author/story that was finished over the past couple of weeks. This one is from Invid_Fan ( Invid finished "The Mind Knows," Part 3 of "From the Aether Comes Life, and Love Story." This story has compelling young characters discovering a parallel universe that feeds off the emotional/physical responses of people in this world. Start with Part 1 "If the Spirit is Willing." It is definitely an ordered series and I'm looking forward to the next installment, "The Heart Believes."

But this isn't the only series of note by Invid_Fan. There are four stories in the "Love Unexpected" series that are heart-felt and have great characters. While a completely different set of stories (all set in upstate New York) the third part of Aether brings characters from the Love Unexpected series into the Aether series. I like this. And if I understand Invid's blog correctly, the next story in Love Unexpected will bring the two stories into one. He's doing a great job of pulling two completely different story threads together.

Sometimes Invid has a few technical problems, but they aren't disruptive. The toughest part is that his story endings are sometimes a little abrupt and leave you hanging, knowing that you have to read the next part in order to get to a satisfactory conclusion. Fortunately, there is enough reading already posted to keep you engaged while he's getting the next installment ready, and there are other stories on his site that are worth the read as well.

I'm really looking forward to the next installment (in either series) because the characters are engaging and the premise is unique. When you finish with ASL next week, put these stories at the top of your reading list.