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Ai or Violet, Violet or Ai...

December 28, 2011
Posted at 9:56 pm

Well, it's probably time for an update :) There will be new stories next week. Exactly what, though, is up in the air. I haven't been in the writing mood much, at least the sit in front of the computer kind, but that may just be the lack of a deadline to push me forward. That said, I have two started. First, one chapter of the next Ai story is done, and even edited, with the second chapter half done. I don't know how long it will be, as while I have an ending I like, if I'm having fun I can stretch it out quite a ways. Or I can end it in four chapters. We'll see.

Also started is the final (they all start out as the final) Love Unexpected story, tentatively titled "Violets Are..." It starts two days before the events of "The Mind Knows" begin, paralleling and probably running past the majority of that tale (there's a one month jump at the end of that one, and this new story will probably take us up to somewhere in that missing month). I only have half a chapter done, as... well, it's a hard write given the emotions involved. It GETS happier, obviously, and I'm hoping that once I get past a certain point the story will flow easier. I'm still not certain I'll even finish it. However, one of the things holding up "The Heart Believes" is the fact that I probably really need to work all that out before I can properly handle the Cynthia/Violet relationship. Things have already come up in my mental run-through that really add to the later story (and they wouldn't have come up in an expanded "The Mind Knows"). I have to satisfy myself that I know where the Taylor family ended up so I can then know where they are four years later in "The Heart Believes". I kind of already know, but there's different kinds of knowing.

So... you're getting one of two stories next week, of uncertain length. You're welcome :)