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December 27, 2011
Posted at 2:25 am

Blame it all on Jay Cantrell

I barely got my chapter posted today. Every time I started to work on it this past week, I found myself distracted by reading Jay Cantrell's "Daze in the Valley" ( I've just started chapter 112 of 140 so far. Obviously, I'm enjoying it.

"Daze in the Valley" is a good story. It's got its share of improbable situations and technological or industry inconsistencies, but Jay makes no bones about that in his Foreword. "I know it is not reality - I just told you two paragraphs earlier it is fiction." And it's good fiction--not because it's made up, but because Jay develops characters that you care about.

That's what's delayed me getting chapter 9 of "The Art & Science of Love" up. But it's there now. There are only two or three chapters left to paint. And that is something that is uncommon for me as an author. I started posting ASL with just four chapters written. I thought sure I'd keep a few chapters ahead until I finished the book, but I neglected to take the holidays into account. (Yeah, I can't blame it all on Jay.) Yes, the rest of this week and next week will see ASL come to an end. I've got another story with less sex and more plot just about ready, but I plan to finish it before I start posting. So think March-April for that story.

If you like stories with a storyline to them, like ASL, then I'll encourage you to also take a look at Jay Cantrell's "Daze in the Valley." It's good stuff from a strong writer. There are a few typos, wrong pronoun, and occasionally screwed up name, but if I was dealing with that many different characters, I'd make some slip-ups, too. The good part is it doesn't damage the story. Enjoy it!