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December 26, 2011
Posted at 12:43 pm

The Barge - Paddling

Paddling to My Destiny

Unfortunately, I do not own a Kevlar canoe. This is partly for sentimental reasons and partly because of the cost factor. I use a 75 lb. aluminum canoe that I canoed in with my father. He willed it to me.

I went on a trip with my two cousins and one of their 15 year old sons. My other cousin owned a Kevlar canoe. He and his son rode in that canoe. Weight about 35 lbs. In order to encourage his younger son, we placed most of the gear in my canoe. When we left shore, our canoe was riding very low in the water. It paddled and felt like a barge.

With every stroke, the other canoe would shoot through the water. Our canoe just plowed begrudgingly on its way. After the first portage, my cousin suggested that we switch canoes. I happily said, " Yes!,Yes!Yes!"

Before I knew what was happening, my older cousin had jumped into the Kevlar canoe and I was stuck with the 15 year old rookie. They flew over the water and I ended up doing the bulk of the work, as we plowed along in our heavy old canoe.

I could not believe what they had done to me. Then my pride kicked in.....and I showed them what I was made of. I did sleep really well that night.