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December 24, 2011
Posted at 5:00 am

Happy Holidays

That said at this point it is the only happy thing going on. Chapter 5 is sitting like a rock and refusing to go together. I know I have grammar issues, but I refuse to post something that I feel does not flow smoothly and Chapter 5 looks more like a white water rapids as to a placid stream. Again I am moving so the computer is going down soon for I don't know how long. On top of that the job that ate every bit of my time for 3 months let me go right before Christmas, so I am looking for new employment. But, with all the crap after reading Stangstar06 story yesterday, I am happy about one thing. All of my family, other than my father, will be together for Christmas and honestly I would rather have them than a fortune and never see them. Being poor sucks, but being alone sucks worse. Again Happy Holidays, and best wishes to everyone.