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December 22, 2011
Posted at 10:18 pm

Updates and Reviews

The chapters of Art & Science of Love that I've posted this week are a pair that I've been working on for a long time. What happens when you take the control of a situation away from a man who has always carefully controlled his encounters? It's been fun!

I've also opened a Twitter account: @aroslav1. I'm posting updates, progress reports, and comments about some of the stories I've been reading. If you enjoy ASL, I hope you will follow me on Twitter and repost some of my comments. For example, I just read the new update of "Bosom Buddies." I'm enjoying this story. I hope BB keeps writing and follows through with the interactions he's set up. The hardest part about this story is the time between chapters being posted, but as a writer, I understand that. I almost didn't get my Thursday posting of ASL up simply because it's the holiday season and the schedule is crazy!
Here's what I suggest, though. Read all four chapters of Bosom Buddies and let the author know you like it. Hey, encouragement is sometimes all we need, and this is a story I'd like to see through to the end!
If you've got a suggestion of a story you think I'd like based on what I've written in ASL, let me know. I appreciate your referrals!