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The Archer- and thank you

December 18, 2011
Posted at 9:37 pm

Wow, the feedback from Christmas Gift has been wonderful! Please keep it coming! :) Not that I need the attention or anything... *Big Grin*

Ok, The Archer, I don't know anything about hunting, but met someone locally who does hunt hog. For some reason it captured my attention - I dunno just did - Since I wanted Jay to do something in the woods besides just Lee I added a bit of hunting, and deer seemed too normal- enter the pig.

I wanted to add a bit of humor. I hope I managed to make you smile without distracting from anything else you may have been doing. *another big grin*

A bit on names, if you humor me for a moment. When I write a story I have to write the name of the hero over and over and over. I have no desire to spell out some long complex name. Which causes me to pick short, easy names. Joe, Jay, Lee, Jill, Cleo etc. Not William Johnson Alexander. I know a Joe. I know a Jill, I know a Jay... don't know a Cleo.... anyway... Just because I use a name in a story doesn't mean the story is about them, aimed at them or for them! Geeze. Relax and enjoy the story. If you're that uptight let me know and I'll change my pen name.

My Editor will be happy to note I have nothing on agenda at this time. But I'm spending the holidays alone so who knows what I'll write to keep my mind off of that fact.

Keep the feedback coming! I love it