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Happy Holidays...and I finally graduated

December 18, 2011
Posted at 3:50 pm

Hello everyone. Is this a great time of year or what? Of course, when it's 83d and you go to the beach to work on your tan, it's difficult to relate to the whole White Christmas thing. But we put lights around the palm trees and give gifts, so that's something, right?

I see Matt is giving himself the gift of life this Christmas with his heart surgery that's coming up. Good luck to you, Matt.

I finally graduated. I was a sophomore when I first started writing on SOL. Is that possible? I majored in Business, with a concentration in International Law. I begin my MBA program next month, with dual concentrations in International Business and Mergers & Acquisitions. It's a 2 year program but I'm determined to do it faster. Enough with school already. (Am I being silly? Talking about my college plans on a porn story board? Oh, right....I wrote here for 2 years.)

I'm seeing someone. A very dynamic Latin gentleman from Columbia, somewhat older, but full of life and energy. I let him win at tennis sometimes. Soothes his Latin ego. And yes...there's lots and lots of very sexy touching. I've come a long way, baby.

I'm starting to get bored with the Mistress Chandra, Party Dom thing. I mean, it's fun an all, dressing up, paddling and whipping asses, having casual foreplay. However, I'm becoming curious about the deeper levels; the darker side. Maybe as the subbie? Maybe humiliated and raped? Can you see me like that? Not sure I do either but I'm having some interesting fantasies. I'm obviously ambivalent about my feelings here.

Skydiving! YAYYY! Got over 20 jumps now, from as high as 15,000'. I've tried masturbating on the way down but it's proving tricky. Maybe too much adrenalin pumping.

Thanks for allowing me to check in once in a while. You were very important to me for a couple of years. No, you pervs...besides

Happy holidays, my friends.

Life is good.