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Question for fans of the Taylor and Ai stories

December 17, 2011
Posted at 1:04 pm


First, thanks for all your feedback, be it email, ratings, or naughty photos. I'm still waiting for someone to do fan art, but maybe someday.

Anyways, I wanted to ask a question. As some of you may have discovered, both the Taylor and Ai stories intersected in the just finished story "The Mind Knows". This wasn't planned when I started writing about Ai, but given the two sets of characters were in the same geographic area, once the hospital scene came up I knew who should be in the room (I'm keeping this spoiler free). I never intended to write a fifth Taylor story, unless it was to deal with one of the kids, so this was a good way to in fact do that. It was also an experiment to see how much the readership overlapped. Answer? Not that much, going by emails :) Requests for more details on Violet's family were steered to the Love Unexpected series.

There were also comments that I rushed the end of "The Mind Knows", having too much happen off camera that should have been dealt with. Possibly. It worked to me, but naturally I have certain advantages when it comes to knowing character motivations. I wasn't saving things for the sequel, as that will take place four years after this story.

But... as I said, I never intended to do a sequel to "Ghosts of Fort Niagara". I did, however, plan out the future for the family... and it's what happened in the week before "The Mind Knows" takes place, what leads to that scene in the hospital room that Cindi walks in on. A depressing tale, that ends with love and happiness. My question for those who have read both series is... do you want to read it? A story that runs parallel to "The Mind Knows", from another point of view? I see it as being like reading Ann McCaffrey's "Dragonsong", and then suddenly seeing the events from "Dragonquest" happening around Menolly. It's not NEEDED, as I think you know enough about what happened to fill in the blanks, but... do you want it?