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December 10, 2011
Posted at 10:32 pm


Hey folks,

I just want to thank everyone for their feedback, i'm sorry if i don't get round to replying, I'm very busy with my studies still but i want you to know i do read and apreciate all of your emails.

From now on i will be trying to maintain a schedule in my posting, every tuesday and saturday i will post a chapter of 'Magic Fingers' which should allow for sufficient time for my editors to work over the terrible mish-mash of words i like to call a story.

My sincere thanks go out to Anne and Bachgen who both very graciously offered to edit and proofread my work, they'll be making sure that what you get to read is something enjoyable and you don't have to wade through my terrible spelling and grammar to enjoy the story.

I guess thats all i wanted to say folks, so have a nice christmas all of you!