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December 7, 2011
Posted at 5:14 pm

Update on writing

Chapters 7-9 of the Queen of the Nile will be out by Thursday this week. I am publishing them in 3 chapter segments to make it easier for the process. Final three chapter 10-12 will be out before 12-20 and the epilogue will be before Christmas. I have a new 2 part story called The Gold Rush Days of Guinevere "Goldie" Jones. It is about a professional female golfer. The first part was very restrained erotica and I am undecided on how to do the second half. I have about 10 stories that need continuations and will hold them until early January. Between February and December, I have written just over 200 stories. About 100 of them are on this site. I have a lot of stories lined up for next year.