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December 6, 2011
Posted at 1:47 pm


Like all stories I use, abuse, and sometimes discard characters. Chapter 4 has one whom will or will not be back I don't know... the voices are not saying currently. By voices I mean the characters. No one is talking about the new guy. But if they I get a say in it you will here from Mr. B from time to time.

In other news I received 2 interesting emails this weekend, but for different reasons. One was extremely funny, and if the author of that email allows I shall repost it here in my blog. The second made a statement, "I also like that you are writing about something that really happens although not known about." Now I am not sure about other writers, and having read some disturbing work I hope they like me, have no real clue about what they are writing about. I don't have, nor have knowledge, personal or, by friends, of slaves, crime, or crime bosses. Crappy apartments, over heard neighbors, and bad neighborhoods, yup got those covered. Also I know a little about programing and web site maintenance and getting screwed over by supposed friends. So I really hope the email-er was referring to the last two as the first... well I am clueless but I bullshit real well. I guess.

Last just want to let you know what I am listening to as I write. I think, like many people, music effects my mood, or at least my mood dictates what I listen to. Right now I am listening to Short Change Hero by The Heavy. Some may know it from the Batman - Arkham City video game commercial and honestly it is where I found it. But I like it, especially as Lucas seems to finally shut up and just hum along with it. Anyways that is for now