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An understanding listener

December 6, 2011
Posted at 1:19 am

As a boy I never dreamed of being an erotic writer when I grew up. While I've accomplished a lot in my earlier years, I now find in my late 50s that my stories are the main creative contribution I'm making to the world. And why not? Celebrate sexuality, a vital and joyous part of being human!

One of the challenges to having a strong attraction to underage children (especially pre-pubescents) is that most people are quick to judge and slow to understand the very inclination -- regardless of behavior. As an experiment in another way to contribute to the world, I'm going to offer myself as a sympathetic ear. If you read one of my stories and think I just might get how you feel, drop me a line. I'm not a licensed professional, but I do have some pretty good people skills. I can promise you respect, and from there we'd just see how it goes.