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December 5, 2011
Posted at 10:34 pm

Glad to be here!

The Art & Science of Love is my first erotic tale. I've written numerous other works under other names and have general audience novels published. I've been reading on SOL for several weeks and have found the stories have a wide range, both of subject matter and of quality. I'm far more focused on the storyline than on the individual sex acts in my stories, which might mean that there are chapters with little or no sex in them. By and large, though, I find that words titilate me--usually more than pictures. I'm hoping that I prove to have a knack for writing those words as well as reading them.

You can expect about ten or maybe twelve chapters in this work. It started out as a very different novel, and perhaps when I finish this piece, I'll post the original work as well.

I hope you enjoy Doc Peters and his lovely assistant Rita!