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A little help - final chapter

December 5, 2011
Posted at 4:38 pm
Updated: December 5, 2011 - 4:55 pm

Tonight is a night of mixed feelings for me. I had completed 'A little help' a while ago, but it wasn't really finished until I uploaded the final chapter, which is something did several minutes ago.

I did my best to make it the biggest and best chapter of the story, but I'll leave that up to the reader to determine.

This story started as a writing exercise for me, based on a fantasy I had while walking to the supermarket, but then it grew into so much more. I never expected the story to become popular and I figured I'd just upload it and see what would happen. Instead the story broke all the records of my previous stories combined and even ended up as the most downloaded story for 7 days in a row. I received over 300 mails from readers and I ended up with several very motivated editors that are helping me out with proof reading and fixing the story. If you check it again in a month from now, then all the little mistakes I made should be gone.

The warm feedback I received from many of my readers is a really big support for me and I'm eager to start on my next story.

As I've mailed to some of them; I hope to become a published author one day and I hope to do this sort of thing for a living. I'm nowhere near flawless when it comes to the technical side of things, but a common comment I read is that people really loved the realistic plot and believable characters. Though I think mastering the technique behind writing is a must, a technical flawless story would still be very boring without a good plot and believable characters. With any story goes that it's the road that you travel that matters, rather than the destination.

Tom and Ilse's path have been far from easy, but I hope I succeeded in writing a story where they grew as a character. Tom especially really matured, compared to the start of the story and now has what many people are looking for, but few ever find; a woman that truly loves and cares about him.

Guys, if you ever find such a woman, don't let her go and girls, if you come across a man like Tom, then keep in mind that guys can be pretty dense and sometimes need a little convincing, before they realise what's best for them.

I want to thank everybody that took the time to read my story, especially those that voted or sent me feedback, and I hope you all enjoy reading the final chapter as much as I loved writing it!

J. Storm