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"Now" now, or then "now"?

December 5, 2011
Posted at 3:56 pm

Time is fun.

Back when writing Taylor Con, two readers, one obviously in a bad mood, commented on how the convention in Philadelphia I was obviously referring to took place in 2001. True, as that's when I was there and, like with Incidents of Taylor, I was drawing from vacations of mine. The story was set in the "now", thanks to a reference to an iPhone, so I trusted the reader to accept this fictional world wasn't exactly like ours.

That was then.

Now I find myself with a different time problem. I've written all my stories (apart from a certain SF one) as "present day" tales. Yet, I have also jumped ahead in time a few times. Thus, we have the interesting situation where there's a 17+ year gap between two stories... both set in present day.

I have no problem with this :)

This gap will grow, but I honestly don't feel like going back eventually and setting Tip a Canoe and Taylor Too in the 60's. What's the point?

So, remember. Time is an illusion. Lunch Time, doubly so.