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December 5, 2011
Posted at 11:14 am

Well I finished the true story. Even had it edited. Can't publish it at this time. Too personal. Too Raw. Too Real. -- at least at this time. I did however stumble over a few stories that I had started but hadn't finished.

I finished them. :)

One is edited and ready to go- maybe tonight I'll post it.

The second is being edited currently.

Both are holiday stories. I usually try to avoid those, thinking no one would like to read them in say June.

The one that is being edited "The Christmas Gift"- Well it's something new that I tried. Why you may ask? I dunno- some times my stories lead me where they want to go and I can do nothing but follow as fast as I can type. I never know what is going to happen till it does. Strange but true. I don't think I'll do another like it, I simply don't know enough about the errrr topic? To do it justice, I think.