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December 2, 2011
Posted at 5:40 pm

Chapter 3 posted

Yup posted, and I can read the writing on the wall, no one has liked the first person change, so I guess it will get a rewrite back to the old format. As for editing, bah. I have not found one yet, but I was asked to edits someones writing. I can suggest changes to make a story flow better, but as to grammar, please, please find someone else to aid you. Mine sucks. With my family and when they attempt to correct my spoken grammar i have a quote, "Did you understand me, then i don't need to change anything." I do understand how bad grammar or spelling in writting can throw the read off. I have seen it a number of times. You know it is bad if I can see it. Anyways the search for an editor continues, cahpter 4 is getting re writting and then read... probably a dozen times to be posted at which time I am sure I will have missed any number of mistakes. That is it for now.