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maritime issues

December 1, 2011
Posted at 3:25 pm
Updated: March 16, 2012 - 9:27 pm

Notes on retiring south of the border

I'm doing it again--writing about something that I've never had any practical experience with. Namely, existing on a diesel sea-going vessel.

If you catch me in something egregious (bloody stupid), please put away the knives--a gentle clubbing will do nicely. I realize that the staffing model I'm working with would be sheer folly to use in the real world and the arms the ship was originally designed for were probably on the order of miniguns. I've taken tremendous liberties with the deck plans and I assume that a free-standing hot tub would be idiotic. I stand by adding the sauna, though! Why the hell don't all commercial maritime vessels host a dry or steam sauna? It just makes bloody sense, eh?