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Book 3

November 29, 2011
Posted at 9:53 am

Well, Book 3 is here (as of Tuesday morning). I know it hasn't exactly been "long awaited", but I'm sure you're anxious to get started on it.

Several things to note. This book is as different from the others as Book 2 was from Book 1. This book is written entirely in the 3rd person, thus there is no longer the need to switch focus between Alex and the mysterious Biographer. But that doesn't mean that she's gone away. I'll bring her up again. It just means that I don't need to use her like a crutch every time I need to present a perspective that is different than Alex's. Also keep in mind that there are now 2 additional possibilities for the mysterious Biographer. There's Diane Lane, the SIU philosophy writer who's anxious to record Alex's philosophy/theology, and there's Liz, the reporter who's anxious to document Alex's movement. The story is clearly neither those, but expectations change over time, don't they.

Also, there are a LOT more characters in this version, so be prepared to check the Cast list often. Most of these characters are meant to be "throw away characters", much like those in the original Prologue in Book 1, but they keep popping up again, so expect to be confused frequently. Sorry about that, but as Alex spreads his wings and expands his universe, he's expected to encounter many more people.

Now, about the initial release. I'm posting 3 chapters initially. The first is a brief recap, designed to introduce concepts to new readers, as well as remind the older readers of what's happened and how it impacts Alex in the future. Don't expect a detailed analysis, this is just to pique interest and mark a transition in Alex's life.

The second chapter gives an idea of what Alex is likely to face in the future, as they hit the road for the first time. As I said, they encounter a LOT more people, and he, his sister Cate and Gail, the ex-policewoman/bodyguard try to deal with the increased volume.

Finally, the third chapter was added to get the story listed on the "Updated Series" list, and it gets into the nitty-gritty of Alex's newest adventure. He meets some new friends, he learns some new things and we learn more of what he's gong to be facing.

As always, I look forward to reading how you feel about this newest volume, both good and bad. There's both a lot to love and a lot to hate.

Also note that this is a "road-trip" book. Alex is leaving everyone else behind. Thus Kitty, Chalise and the others won't be an integral part of the story anymore. They'll appear occasionally, as Alex frequently calls home and consults with his various women back in Carbondale, but they are no longer central figures in this newest book. Instead the focus is on the many new faces instead, and on the changes to both Alex and his overall mission.

I hope you enjoy this newest installment of the story. So let me know what you think.