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Cindy and Christina

November 25, 2011
Posted at 9:16 pm

If you've been reading either 'Cindy' or 'Christina', you'll surely note that in the last two chapters, the protagonists of both stories have met, having shown up in the same city for a concert.

I'm having fun with it. I have the girls hitting it off from the beginning, acting like long-lost sisters. I'm keeping both stories going because I am having fun describing the thoughts and feelings of both couples as they work through the new relationship.

For those who may be questioning where this goes, I will tell you where it does NOT go. These are monogamous relationships, so if you're looking to find some sort of 'group' or 'lesbian' thing, that's not in the cards for this story.

Some of you have sent some really encouraging email about these stories, as well as some interesting suggestions, several of which I am entertaining for the stories' future.