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New story finally in!

November 25, 2011
Posted at 2:28 pm

Before I start, I want to thank the reader who gave me a heads up after the last blog entry. I have sent a couple of questions into SOL with the story to make sure what I write stays within guidelines.

Anyway, yes there is a new story. And you might recognize a couple of the characters.

Donna Whitley and her parents, Peter and Cathy Whitley, return to the Naked City pages with a new concept. Donna has invited friends Carrie Kelly and Linda Lambert to come play some games for her parents' new website, StripGamesUSA. For this first episode, Peter and Cathy run cameras as Donna, Carrie, and Linda put their clothes and modesty on the line. The two losers of Strip Coin Toss find themselves in a the buff. The loser of the race has to do jumping the street....yes, in the buff. And though not specified, it's daytime. Some characters are surprised by the naked girl in the street (whoever that ends up being).

Anyway if you have an idea for a game or forfeit, always feel free to write in.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!