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Happy Thanksgiving

November 24, 2011
Posted at 11:47 am

I was reading one of my books earlier today and came across one of my characters saying grace for Thanksgiving dinner. It meant a lot when I wrote it (not actually Thanksgiving)and means just as much or more today.

Dear Lord, we take this occasion to thank you for this food and this company. Too often, we take our friends, our loved ones and our blessings in life for granted. On this Thanksgiving, please help us to remember that all these things take work and if we don't appreciate them and continually work to create them, we could just as easily be without them. Amen

The sentiment applies the other 364 days each year. Too many of us treat Thanksgiving as we do Sunday, going to church and acting all Christian till we get in the car to come home to watch the football game, joining the cutthroat world until next Sunday.

Take a look at the way you treat those you supposedly love. Most of us say and do things to family that would would never happen away from home. When was the last time you farted around your family? How about in the conference room at work? If one of the kids makes a mistake, do you treat him like you would someone at work or do you add a little something to make him really feel worthless?

Take another look at Jack's prayer with that in mind.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And if you don't happen to live in the United States or don't want to celebrate a white boys' holiday, take a moment to appreciate someone anyway.