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Rough edges with 'A little help'

November 24, 2011
Posted at 3:58 am
Updated: November 24, 2011 - 4:12 am

A common reaction I'm getting is that 'A little help' has several rough edges left.

Though I'm getting a lot of help from the readers, I'll do my best again to find an editor on this site.

In the past I tried getting into contact with 20 different editors who I thought might be interested in a story I wrote, however, I never got a reaction back, not even a rejection. I'm not sure if I just happened to hit 20 inactive editors, a mailing problem occured, or there simply was no interest, but I gave up after that experience. To give credit where it is due, a fellow author who goes by the pen name R.P.A.M. has been a huge help so far! (If you enjoy nude in public/ exhibitionist stories, give his stories a try.)

If anybody is interested in helping me out with editing and especially proof reading, then please contact me. I'm a perfectionist without perfect skills. ;-)

Currently I'm doing all the proof reading myself and then use the feedback I get to fix mistakes that are left. I prefer to publish chapters that don't have mistakes in the first place though.

In the meantime, please bear with me. I'm giving chapters additional proof reads before publishing and I hope the situation improves. My spelling/ grammar checker doesn't recognise anything obvious, but then again, it has its limits when when you use wrong tenses, or a good spelled word at a wrong place.

Once more I want to thank everybody that mailed me feedback about mistakes I made. I process all feedback and do my best to fix them in the previous chapters. If you find something wrong, please keep mailing me, so far I only saw one mistake mailed double. Different people find different mistakes and the more feedback I get, the easier it also becomes to fix unpublished chapters, which will hopefully improve your reading experience in turn.

If you also leave an e-mail address behind I will send you a mail back.

Best regards,

J. Storm