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Argh, grammar checker why does thy hate me?

November 22, 2011
Posted at 12:02 pm

Ahem, apparently my grammar checker was turned off the entire time while working on "A little help".

I want to thank the people who pointed out the mistakes, I got the little bugger to work now and I submitted the 1st chapters again. I guess it just shows we should never rely on technology too much eh?

That thought also ties in quite nicely with an idea I had for a science fiction story I might write. I ended up dreaming tonight about having technology that could do the one thing many writers would wish already exist, namely software to read your thoughts and putting them on paper. It would speed up writing a book so much!

Now imagine that software like that did exist, but got hacked while you were logged in. Imagine the possibilities such a hacker would have. With the technology I had in mind they couldn't only read your mind, but also take over your body. Imagine taking over the body of that cute neighbor next door and make him or her wash your dishes, or... Well, other favours. For an erotica, horror, or science fiction story this could be a great plot. Perhaps the three could even be combined into a horror erotica science fiction story. ;-)

A sort of mind control, but with a twist. I'll give it some thought, if I have enough spare time to write such a story, who knows?

J. Storm