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November 15, 2011
Posted at 11:01 am

So... what's up then?

Ok, it's been a rotten couple of months at school and next semester (January) looks even worse!

I just barely started working on the next Wyldewood story at the start of this Fall semester before surrendering to utter exhaustion nearly immediately. The last two months I've been getting absolutely nothing done other than schoolwork and sleep!

A PC crash didn't help thing much either! My old PC had been on the verge of death since early summer and it finally decided to kick-off for good. I had some PayPal money to buy most of the essentials for a new PC off of NewEgg and the rest went on plastic... uck!
But I'm functional again! Now I just need writing time... when I've had enough sleep to be able to write coherently.

I'll have a couple of weeks around Christmas and if nothing else I'll try and get sometime done then. Probably the next 'Hunter' story.

Anything ambitious my have to wait until January. :(