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The End of the Story... So Far

November 15, 2011
Posted at 10:12 am

Well, this is it. This is the end of the story, or at least of Book 2. For those of you who have been reading the blog, you'll already know about my plans to write another volume.

Chapter 46 was really written to leave the readers guessing, not sure if Alex will survive or not. That's why it's written in the third-person, as if Alex was no longer around to record it anymore. I was tempted to not say anything about Book 3 to help preserve the mystery, but you know me. I'm like Alex in that I can't keep a secret for the life of me. 'D

I say this ends the story, because this was as far as I'd originally saw the story going, and I tried to end it on a note that it makes a complete story in itself (unlike the first Book, which had a cliff-hanger that led directly into the next book).

I hope you enjoyed the story. I think it wrapped up pretty well, and I worked hard to make sure any outstanding issues were at least somewhat resolved. I know it's been a long slough, and there were more than a few rough patches, but I hope you found it worth the effort.

The next volume, Book 3, "Racing the Clock", will begin posting in two weeks (Nov. 29th). I wanted to wait, since many potential readers have mentioned they didn't want to read the story until it's "finished". I figured this is a good stage for them to read it, since these two books form a complete story, and can stand on their own without Book 3.

I'll look forward to your reviews on what you thought of it, and what you're hoping to see in Book 3. As always, I take your views seriously, and frequently include them in the story as it unfolds.

Finally, I'd like to thank my Editors, who manage to keep growing. They include BachGen, AGuy, Albatrs, JJeffery, Richard Gaddis, and "Neil". They've made the story more complete and a bit less error prone.

Meanwhile, as they say, Thanks for all the fish (letters of appreciation). It's meant a lot to me, and the critiques have helped me create a better story.