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An update to the update

November 15, 2011
Posted at 12:04 am

I've gotten several emails lately asking for more regular updates on what's going on and when you guys can expect for the dry spell to go away. I don't know about being more regular, but I can tell you what's been going on and why I've been gone so long.

First off, just like I posted a few stories on SOL, back in 2005, just to see what would happen, I published a few books in the Amazon Kindle Store back in February, just to see what would happen. These are the same books, by the way, that I sent to regular "normal" publishers, and which got rejected.

And, just like the response of SOL readers to the initial stories posted in 2005 was really good, the response to the books in the Kindle store was really good too. Just goes to show that you guys have good taste.

Now, if you've been reading since 2005, you know what happened. When SOL readers responded well to what I posted, I went sort of bat shit crazy, posting a new story every week for three years or something like that. Then I started writing longer books. All of this, by the way, was based on your feedback and opinions.

And so I repeated history and, since January, I've been publishing for sale, everything I can possibly publish from the 200+ stories I've posted at SOL.

The problem was that I couldn't just send them in to Amazon, because some of the censors over there are pricks.

Maybe that was a little harsh. Let me restate that. Some of the censors there kill your submission and send you an email that says "You expect us to publish that shit? Fuck you."

Hmmm. I might have used some hyperbole there. Let me try it again. Amazon sends you rejection emails. All they say is "We're not going to publish your submission because you violated our standards."

The problem was that their "standards" as published, are very vague. And if I asked them which standard I violated, or what was wrong with a submission, their answer was "As we said, you violated our standards. Have a nice day."

So I had to revise the story, trying to figure out what these mysterious standards were. I finally figured out that one of them was incest (even though they have published hundreds of books on incest). They won't publish (my) incest. will publish incest, as long as the characters are all over 18. They actually tell you that. Amazon won't. You just have to figure it out.

The hoot about this is that one of the outlets Smashwords markets to is Amazon customers. So what Amazon won't publish themselves, they show as a book, available to Amazon customers.

Anyway, long story short - it took me all this time to figure out the standards and revise all the books. I basically had to rewrite each one. So I have crammed five years worth of work into ten months of revisions. And I'm almost finished.

Well, I think I'm almost finished. I thought I was finished a month ago, because all I had left were the Uncle Bob stories, and since those are all incest, I couldn't publish them at Amazon. That's where the real money is, by the way. Smashwords will publish more things, but I don't sell as much there.

Then it occurred to me that Uncle Bob stories might be able to be turned into babysitter stories. Instead of his niece, the girl is now his babysitter, or ex-babysitter. She still has to be 18 or older, but I put together a volume of those, and it sailed right into the listings.

So now I have some more things I can convert, rewrite and publish.

OK, so why does all this matter? It matters because these things are doing very well indeed, so well that in a year or two I might even be able to quit my day job and write full time. And that means there will be years more of better things for you to read at SOL.

So by giving me up for a year or so, what you're doing is kind of like investing in the future. You're letting me set things up so I can write more and better stuff in the future.

At least that's the plan. <G>

So hang around, because I post everything at SOL first. You're my family, and I love you lots.