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November 14, 2011
Posted at 12:58 pm

Taking Olivia

I originally wrote this story back in December of last year but didn't publish it due to a few comments that my editors included together with their markup, which gave me pause.

Having rested on my HD for many months, I picked it up again and rewrote much of the final chapters to remove content that I considered overstepped the mark and restored a modicum of believability (within limits).

The remaining four chapters are now queued for automatic release over the next few days.

I also publish on the site under the pen name of expresso42, whose writing is attempting to become more suited to my alter-ego, Dr Jeckyll.

As such, the stories on this site will probably express a certain deviancy that E42 tries desperately to contain - the fool has even recently ventured into the realm of romance.

So far, I'm pleasantly pleased with the response to Olivia. I have a number of ideas for the future creations and I will attempt to interleave writing them with E42's stories.

Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to email me. Both of us are always glad to receive comment and will almost always reply.

Best Wishes

Mr Hyde

ps Much appreciation to Don and Jack, my editing team, who tirelessly attempt to keep my mistakes to a minimum. Any grammatical errors that remain are purely my own as I strove to remedy my earlier work.