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More confessions from the war on terror

November 13, 2011
Posted at 9:45 pm

I should have prepared something in advance, but even the best Girl Scouts can be caught with their cookies in the oven. Having a bun in the oven is a little more delicate and I seem to be on a pregnancy kick, but what can I say? That maternal instinct runs strong in women married to slut husbands. Let's talk about a few more stories while I wait for this home tester to give me a sign from heaven...

JPJ07 - Sandy's Evil Plan

I kinda wanted to go a different direction and there's a story type, an archetype in the slut wife genre, called "Ovulating Wife Seduced by Husband's Rival" and I've probably read a few dozen of those stories in one form or another. I had the inexplicable impulse to try my own hand at it, but with a 5000 word speed limit, which was probably a good thing. There's a lot I didn't get to say, but I think it's self-evident that Robert's slutty ways are to blame and poor Janey is just the victim.

................That reminds me. I got a some emails from people wondering, "Why is she so stupid?" and my answer is that this is porn. If she wasn't the way she is, there wouldn't be a story. The first episode would have ended with a wedding scene much like that in "Kill Bill" ...Fiction does what it has to, much like unsupervised five year olds.

JPJ08 - South of Eden

I don't like this story. I should throw it away, but I need to get as many up as I can before Christmas and so I'll occasionally have to post things that quite frankly, I'm not proud of. Perhaps if I rewrite the ending, it'll work a little better. I have a couple days, so I'll look at it again. Basically it's a quick write and I just wanted to let Janey have some fun in high school and introduce/reinforce the idea that she really is a closet lesbian. She's queer as a three dollar bill, but so repressed she can't even acknowledge her interest in women.

Too bad for her, eh?

JPJ09 - Petting Janey

I thought I'd expand on Janey's submissive nature. I just can't fight it anymore, although she'll never consciously admit it. The more I write, the more issues she has, and I may have to abandon my original idea in favor of something completely different. Maybe I'm not writing slut husband stories at all, but some sort of atheist porn constructed in a test tube of self-delusion. It wouldn't be the first time! Anyway, this story is a fairly cliche middle of the road morality tale about good pets gone bad, although Rex has very little to do but cum.

Two-dimensional characters, God love 'em!