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Book III Completed

November 13, 2011
Posted at 7:55 am

Well Dewey may be down but he's not out. He will return, a sadder but wiser man, in Over the Hills and Faraway Book IV; Soldiering On! However I'm going to write something a bit different in between times; a Regency set adventure, with the title 'Duel and Duality. I've only just got down to putting the story together so it will be some time before it sees the light of day. I will keep you informed as to progress, or no.

Meantime I would like to thank Old Rotor- head, who has done a great job in editing Over the Hills and Faraway Book III . Any syntax/punctuation errors will be down to me, as I have a habit of messing about with the returned text, adding and/or deleting stuff, and generally cocking up the properly edited original text...sorry!

Thanks also to those who have downloaded, voted, or got in touch with comments, etc., on the Dewey Saga thus far. He will be coming back so don't despair, but I hope you will take a shine to the new character who I will be introducing in 'Duel and Duality', another military man with an eye for the ladies.

Jack Green