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Where my under-14 stories are

November 11, 2011
Posted at 1:31 pm

SOL no longer accepts new stories with characters under the age of 14 involved in sexual activity. This is Laz's policy to start complying with the new Canadian law that went into effect in 2010 restricting purely text fiction (editorial: I think the law is misguided hysterical over-reaction to the real tragedy of child sexual abuse). As people who follow me at all will know, a large percentage of the stories I write involve under-14 characters. I'm still writing them, but they are only on ASSTR, where I have always posted every story I write:

Recent stories that I could post only there are:

Saying No
A Gaggle of Wee Daughters
Little Girls Tell Why They Like It

In my "Bargain Basement" folder on ASSTR:

there are stories that aren't quite so polished but could be hot if you like kid stories:

Getting Pregnant on the Wheel of Fortune
Science Shows Sex Is Good For Girls
The Virgin Impregnation Ritual

I'm still writing SOL stories that I'm proud of too, as you can see on my page.