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What do YOU want?

November 7, 2011
Posted at 8:14 pm

From a hotel room in Houston, one margarita too many.

I have three stories in the top twenty downloads tonight. that makes me happy, because, honestly, I write the stories that **I** didn't quite find out there on the various sites.

I keep getting a recurring complaint: I'm not putting enough adversity in front of my girls. I mean, like, Cindy had to SHOOT a guy. Christina opened with her about to get her cute butt whipped. But I don't do enough adversity.

Honestly, I (this sounds freaky, I know)am in love with my characters. They are bits and pieces of women who've brought joy to my own life over the years, and I just have trouble bringing too much adversity.

Maybe I'm too sweet with them. I know Cindy's smart. I think that's my mechanism for explaining away why a fourteen year old cutie has attached herself to a forty-odd year old guy. She's just, well, different!

I guess maybe I need to do a 'swords and sorcery' or a post-apocalyptic story. do I NEED to have one of these sweet young things dragged off and abused? I dunno. I'm curious, you know...

I will await replies in my email.

Until then, short hair, bangs, brains, Beethoven...

And that means I thank every one of you readers.