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TME chapter 16

October 28, 2011
Posted at 4:12 pm

I've just submitted chapter 16 for publishing. I didn't even expect to get two chapters out on one day, though the previous chapter did take me a couple days to write while the newest is a couple pages shorter and a bit easier to do.

If you find any spelling, grammar or text flow mistakes, then please let me know. I'm currently proof reading my own work and I'm having the impression that I'm doing a crappy job at it. I was pretty tired, but I want to keep writing and publishing too. It's probably not the best combination, but at least it gets you all more chapters.

So far I wrote 175 pages for this story, but it still feels as if I'm only working on the introduction, since not all the subjects I have in mind entered the maze already. In fact, we're only slightly over half (13/24). I want to add more story development besides new subjects too though, but luckily I have several ideas in mind to make it work.

One of the best things of this story has to be how unexpected it is, even for myself. I have some long term goals in mind and even an epical ending, but every chapter I start with a blank page and I'm more like, "what should write this time?", then "I have to work this and that out."

Comments, questions, or suggestions? Feel free to mail them! I love getting feedback on my stories and I reply to every mail I receive.

Best regards,

J. Storm