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Waifs ch.21 Thursday, ASSTR page up

October 26, 2011
Posted at 8:40 pm

Just got a note from Scifi Nut that he won't be able to get to chapter 21 till tomorrow morning, so expect it Thursday. Most likely I'll try and get another chapter done this week, although I'm damned tempted to start the sequel to If The Spirit Is Willing. I have the plot down, for the most part, although things often change in the writing. I'll write it eventually.

My ASSTR page is up and running. Fewer stories then here, but it looks better :) I've done some minor touchup on Jodi and sent it off to be edited, so look for that up there in the near future. If anyone sees a problem with the page, let me know. I'm just using iWeb, so don't expect good coding!