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Poll Taking Time

October 24, 2011
Posted at 10:44 am

I just found an interesting iPhone app that poses a series of questions, then shows the demographic breakdown on the answers, and it got me thinking. Since everyone responded so much to my question about their frustrations with the story, I thought I'd try to pin you, the readers, down on a number of issues. This probably won't influence the story, since the characters are essentially writing it now, anyway, but it's more just for my own curiosity).

On a scale of 1 to 5, what do you think of:

The stories humor: (1 = "Please, Stop!!!", 5 = "Great, more puns please")

The Sex Scenes: (1 = "We could really do without them", 3 = "I like them as they are", 5 = "Could Cate do something kinky please?")

The action (or lack thereof): (1 = "What? There was some action I missed somewhere?", 5 = "Could you have everyone talk some more, please?")

The number of characters (this one has some basis on Book 3): (1 = "If everyone can write a novel about only a handful of characters, then surely you can too", 5 = "How about a scene where Alex has an encounter with a bus of students from ANOTHER school?")

The chapter titles: (1 = "There are chapter titles?", 5 = "I love the titles, but couldn't they be a little longer?)

The false leads: (1 = "I can see not telling us something, but at least stick to the story!", 5 = "I just love when a false lead turns into a whole subplot.")

The Science aspects: (1 = "I couldn't figure the heck out of Cate's latest theory", 5 = "We need Cate to open a small lab and hire a few more investigators")

Finally, who's you're favorite character in the story (beside the obvious choices of Alex, Cate and Gail)?

I'll report any answers I get, though I doubt I'll get a lot of responses to general questions like this.

I posted this question earlier to the discussion group at!topic/the-catalyst-discussion-group, and so far the results are:

Humor: 3.8
Sex: 4.4
Action: 2.2
Characters: 3.0
Chap Titles: 2.8
False Leads: 3.8
Science: 4.0